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B2B2C Product: Virtual Fitting Room

Online retailers experience low conversion rates and high return rates.'s Fitting Room provides an online virtual fitting room that provides customers the opportunity to find clothes that fit them, mix and match clothing, and visualize their outfit before purchasing. The design team's mission is to deliver this Fitting Room experience that is easy to use and increases shoppers confidence and as a result leading to higher conversion online for retailers.


On good days we follow the double diamond approach to design, but things get messy at startups and our process changes depends on what needs to get done. We do research, design, iteration, validation in a variety of frequencies and durations.


Key Features Shipped


Userflow V1

Userflow V2

Lo-Fi V 1

Lo-fi V2

Lo-fi V3

Browsing Mix and Match

Userflow V1

Mockup Flow

Ideation Wireframe 1

Ideation Wireframe 2

Ideation Wireframe 3

Ideation Wireframe 4

B2C: Influencer Platform with Cryptocurrency Rewards

Screens I designed


Reward Notifications


Design Manager

DongYoung Kim

Product Manager

Vic Chen (B2B) Sebastian Hewing (B2C)

UX Researcher

TingTing Wang

UX Designer

Kevin Hwang

UI Designer

Linus Hsieh