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Taipei, Taiwan

I am a user experience designer with an engineering and education background focusing on human-centered solutions

After receiving my Computer Engineering degree at the University of Maryland, I wanted to explore life outside the Maryland suburbs where I grew up and reconnect with my Taiwanese roots. So in 2015, I moved to Taiwan where I taught English, math, and computer science to native students of all ages.

During this time is where I really developed a new appreciation for design and more specifically, the human experience. Teaching and being in a unique culture made me realize that design thinking and its principles are not only limited to art, engineering, or business, but also extends to classrooms, hospitals, transportation systems, and many aspects of our lifestyles.

After having one too many frustrating experiences with push-button faucets, I’ve decided to make the switch to designing full time. Whether that's coming up with effective solutions to complex problems, designing a lesson plan for diverse classrooms, or putting pixels on a screen, I want to deliver experiences that are compelling, relevant, and most importantly, one that people can enjoy.

Besides observing bathroom design, I also I like to travel, read, play games (board & video), hit tennis balls, and tinker with any new tech gadgets I can get my hands on.

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